Posted on 03.01.2021

Ruttensteiner Consulting

I would like to thank my colleagues and partners for a successful year. In this year in particular there were many hurdles to overcome.

It was a year that nobody would have expected. Shops, companies, productions, schools and borders were closed everywhere. In short, the world held its breath and nobody knew how to go on.

To be successful in such a year and to be more than positive is a masterpiece.

Not only hard business facts were decisive for our success but also the constant contact and the exchange of information with colleagues and partners. Knowing how the population and the economy in other countries are dealing with the crisis, what effects it is having, gave us confidence and allowed us to develop new ideas and models.

Our confidence, flexibility and willingness to cooperate made us successful in 2020.

That is why I am sure that in 2021, when the hurdles will decrease again, we will be able to further expand the success.

I thank you and wish you and your families a good 2021, that it contains everything you need and wish for.

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